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$5M External Funding Mark for HD-EEG Lab

External grant support for HD-EEG Lab

We have over $5 milliion in grant funds for work directly or indirectly supporting work in the EEG lab. They include:
National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health, “Emergence and stability of autism in FragileX Syncrome”, R01 grant, , 2011 through 2016, $1,934,000. PI: Jane Roberts.
National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, "Development of sustained attention in infants". March, 2012 through February, 2017, $2,850,022. PI:John E. Richards
ASPIRE-III Award, Office of Research, University of South Carolina, "MRI Simulator Shared Laboratory", 2012-201, $32,990. PI's: Chris Rorden and John E. Richards
Institute for Visiting Scholars, Office of the Provost, University of South Carolina, "Visit of Joseph McCleery for work in the developmental cognitive neuroscience of neurodevelopmental disorders." 2013-2014 $25,000. PI's: John E. Richards and Jane Roberts
National Institutes of Health, “Cortical Areas Involved in Face Processing in Infants at Low- and High-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders”, F32 Postdoctoral Natonal Research Service Award, University of South Carolina. September, 2013 through August, 2015, $103,228. PI: Nicki Zieber
University College London, “Visual, neural and behavioural correlates of school-age children with visual impairment”, Bogue Research Fellowship, University College London, January 24, 2014 through February 15, 2014. £2419. PI: Johannes Bathelt
National Institutes of Health, "Word learning in reading and language impairment subgroups", R21 grant, 2013 through 2016, $435,744. PI: Suzanne Adlof
ASPIRE-I Award, Office of Research, University of South Carolina, "Indivdual differences in reading and attention skills", May, 2014 through September, 2015, $15,000. PI: Jessica Green.

Total: $5,400,054